Creative studio specializing in machine learning.

Film Mirror

Film Mirror is an interactive installation that allows participants to perform as iconic film characters.

Uncanny Road

Uncanny Rd. is a drawing tool that allows users to interactively synthesise street images with the help of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)


Scenescoop is a tool to get similar semantic scenes from a pair of videos. Basically, you input a video and get a scene that has a similar meaning in another video.

Selected Stories

A text editor that runs a LSTM model while you write to suggest new lines. You can switch between different pretrained models. Everything runs in the browser using tensorflow.js.


Thingscoop is a tool to analyzing videos semantically–that means searching, filtering, and describing videos based on objects and places that appear in them. Thingscoop is based on Caffe, an open-source deep learning framework.